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My Library Story: Darlene Itoh

"I grew up in the library."

Libraries have always been part of Darlene's life and through them she has met new people and made new friends.

Darlene said:

"I grew up in the library. My mom was the town librarian and it happened to be located in our elementary school. Since our school had no lunch program, I spent every lunchtime in the library. After school, I went to the library because no one was home. I probably read every volume in that library of 3000 books, some of them several times.

"After moving abroad for 25 years, I've returned to the USA and I'm back at the library. I've joined book clubs, quilting clubs, listened to historical lectures and participated in so many events. I've made a lot of new friends at the library."


How important to you is your local library? According to a recent report issued by the Pew Research Center, "...there are relatively active constituents who hope libraries will maintain valuable legacy functions such as lending printed books. At the same time, there are those who support the idea that libraries should adapt to a world where more and more information lives in digital form, accessible anytime and anywhere.

"Despite the ferment, Americans remain steady in their beliefs that libraries are important to their community, their family and themselves. Two-thirds (65%) of all of those 16 and older say that closing their local public library would have a major impact on their community, similar to the 63% figure recorded in 2013. One-third (32%) say closing their local public library would have a major impact on them or their family – roughly the same as the 29% who said this in 2013."


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