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Parents and Teachers

Parents and Teachers

Homeschool parents, we want to serve you better.
Please answer a few questions to help us help you!

Homework Center

Homework Help on the Internet

Computers Available
Sign up at the Ask Me desk to use the following programs:

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Internet Access
Internet access is filtered in the Youth Services Department. For more information, access the
Library's Internet Policy.

Girl Scout Outreach 2011

Textbooks Available

The library maintains a collection of many of the textbooks used in schools within the library district. These include Dist. 12, Dist. 11, Dist. 20 and
St. Walters School. Lake Park High School is also included. Textbooks are available for in-library use only. Ask for textbooks at the Adult Services Reference Desk.

Special Resources
There are many resources available for parents and teachers right in our Youth Services department.

Teacher Services for grades Pre-K-6

Read our newsletter for school personnel:

News From Youth Services Outreach


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In Library Displays
Miss Katie at Medinah Christian SchoolWe would love to display your class dioramas, artwork or science fair projects. Call our Youth Services Outreach Assistant at, (630) 529-1641, ext. 355, before dropping off.

Parent/Teacher Collection
Materials are available to aid in curriculum planning, parenting and educating of children. Magazines are also available for Parents and Teachers.

Area Schools

Please visit our community information page for a list of area schools and text books available.

Student Art Month- Spring Hills Elementary School 2012


For Parents and Teachers

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Posted 2/28/2013