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Get Live Homework Help - Live Homework Help is now The Student Center with resources for all ages, elementary students through adults. Roselle Public Library cardholders can access this expanded online service anytime, 24/7.

One-on-one help from live tutors is available 4 pm-10 pm, daily. Student and tutor use chat, interactive whiteboards and file-sharing in a secure online classroom to work on math, science, social studies, English, writing, standardized test prep and more. After each session, students can replay and email the session, or print the transcript and whiteboards.

In addition to live help, the new Skills Center Resource Library provides 24/7 access to thousands of worksheets, tutorials, study guides and more.Click here to visit

"One of the best tutors ever ~ understood how important this paper was and helped me conquer it!"
-- Roselle College Intro (12/15)





"The tutors are awesome. They are efficient and really nice. I'm really glad for this service. Thank you! :)"
- Roselle 9th grader (5/14)





"I love this!!!!! It helps me understand the "why" behind all the equation and the math I had to do for physics! THANK YOU!!!!!!!"
-- Roselle 10th grader (9/15)





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Forget your textbook at school?

No problem! Stop by the library to use our core textbook collection. Check the list of Area Schools to see if your school has supplied us with the textbooks you need.



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